New season, new website, new rivers

We’ve been going through some changes here at Blue Sky. 2022 will mark our 25th season of rafting in Oregon! Boy, the time does fly. Part of our company ethos has always been to think outside the box for potential opportunities, not be afraid of change, and trust in our ability to adapt and adjust. This has served us well in the past as we explored and pioneered commercial rafting trips on a variety of rivers like the Breitenbush, Molalla, Wilson and Sandy Rivers. The last 2 seasons we have been tested with Covid guidelines and wildfires. And while it might’ve been easier to take a break and close up shop for a bit, we decided to soldier on and look for opportunities rather than dwell on limitations. For Covid we adjusted to smaller rafts, separate groups and lots of vehicle logistics among other adjustments. When faced with the closure of the Upper Clackamas after wildfires, we established trips on other rivers and sections and figured out efficient, enjoyable logistics on those trips. Although exhausting, ultimately we are super proud of our staff for all their hard work and flexibility and we are excited to incorporate all we’ve learned into an exciting 2022 season!

Upper Clackamas Trips

After the Riverside Fire in Sept. 2020, the highway to the Upper Clackamas has been closed. This has prevented access for any rafting trips on this great intermediate section of river. Although we currently don’t have an exact opening date for the highway still, we are confident we’ll have an opportunity to offer trips again on the Upper Clack. Since 1999 we’ve focused our energy on offering great trips on the Clackamas all summer long. It has been a long wait to get back up on the river but we are super excited to see the river and again. We expect trips to be available as early as March this year.

Upper Sandy Trips

We first did trips on the Upper Sandy years and years ago but the logistics were challenging and most often, the Upper Clackamas was a better trip and more convenient for most people. With the Upper Clackamas closed this year, we decided to give this over-looked river trip another look. We found high quality rapids and outstanding scenery. The logistics are challenging but now that we’ve got that handled, we are excited to offer trips again this year. It’s best as an early spring trip from March-May. If you’ve done other rivers in the area and are looking for something different, this is the trip for you.

New Website and Booking System

Finally, we have upgraded our website to improve performance and make the booking experience smoother while also adding some new fun features.

We hope we’ll see folks out on the river this season to help us celebrate our past and start us off on our future!


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