Spring emerges…white water rafting is around the corner Every spring smells like rafting. The breeze turns warm, flowers and trees are growing again, the snow is melting, filling the rivers, and the warm days of summer are just around the corner. For a white water rafting guide, every spring is filled with expectation and hope. For the experienced guide, spring brings memories of past seasons,  reunions with fellow white water rafting guides, high water excitement, and expectations and goals for another year of guiding. New guides are filled with nervous anticipation of training or their first commercial trips, and the

We’ve been going through some changes here at Blue Sky. 2022 will mark our 25th season of rafting in Oregon! Boy, the time does fly. Part of our company ethos has always been to think outside the box for potential opportunities, not be afraid of change, and trust in our ability to adapt and adjust. This has served us well in the past as we explored and pioneered commercial rafting trips on a variety of rivers like the Breitenbush, Molalla, Wilson and Sandy Rivers. The last 2 seasons we have been tested with Covid guidelines and wildfires. And while it

2009 was another busy year for everyone at Blue Sky Rafting. We started the year with plenty of rain and a good snowpack which led to another year of great water levels in the Clackamas. Pete punching one of the big waves in Toilet Bowl on the Clackamas River Neal dropping into Powerhouse on the Clackamas River at high water We had an interesting trip filming a video for Columbia Sportswear. We had two camera crews chasing us down the river in vehicles trying to stay ahead of us and set up for filming. With the high water, they were