Since 1998, we have focused on high quality rafting trips with a flexible, detail-oriented approach to customer service. Rather than focusing on maximum growth and revenue, we’ve chosen to focus on moderate, sustainable growth and specializing in a few quality rafting trips. We concentrate our effort on constantly assessing our trips and making adjustments and improvements to provide the best possible experience for our guests.

Why choose Blue Sky Rafting?

Let’s face it, every company thinks you should choose them for your rafting trip. Is there really any difference between companies? The honest truth is that 90% of the rafting companies operating are doing a good job and providing a safe, fun trip. If not, they have gone out of business or soon will.

The better question to ask yourself is, are the differences between companies important to you?

  • Do you prefer a smaller company where you might be one of 10-12 people rafting or a bigger company where you are one of 200-250 people rafting on your trip?
  • Do you want a company that does trips all over the country and possibly the world or a local company that just does a few rivers close to where you live or are visiting?
  • Are the amenities near the river trip important to you (lodging, restaurants, etc.)?


  • We are committed to providing honest information about rafting in the Northwest. We won’t try to hard sell you and pretend we are the only option or speak negatively about other rafting companies and trips.
  • We are upfront about our costs and you won’t see hidden charges from your trip.
  • We understand when unexpected circumstances occur and have a reasonable, upfront cancellation policy.
  • We treat all our clients with respect and strive to provide an inclusive, positive environment for our clients and staff.


  • Blue Sky was one of the first companies to offer summer rafting trips on the Upper Clackamas River.
  • We were the first company to create, utilize, and formalize new access sites on the Upper Clackamas River which provide a better experience for our guests.
  • We were the first company on the Upper Clackamas River to offer professional photos and we are still the only company that offers a bar-b-que for our full day Clackamas River trip.
  • We offer an exclusive trip on the Upper Sandy River and worked with the Bureau of Land Management to improve access for our trip.
  • We were the first company to provide rafting trips on the Wilson, Breitenbush and Upper North Santiam Rivers as well as a variety of other rivers.


Despite a reputation for adrenaline and danger, most white water rafting is no more dangerous than other common outdoor activities. The most common injuries are bumps and bruises. We focus on allowing our guests to explore their own comfort level with excitement while keeping our focus on the overall well-being of everyone on the trip.

Our guides are specifically trained on each river they guide and we have regular discussions about safety procedures throughout the season. We train and prepare guests for areas where unexpected situations can develop.


We honestly believe we have more fun on the river than others! Depending on your guide, this might mean surfing rafts at several spots on the river, playing and swimming in the slower current and pools, looking for cool rocks at a beautiful beach, or just being goofy. We don’t do cookie cutter trips where we just go from point A to point B every trip. We allow guides to be creative and really explore what is fun for our guests and give them a chance to express themselves and make the trip their own.

Local, Family-Owned/Operated

All our staff live and work in our community and strongly believe in sharing our special place with all of our guests. We strive to provide the type of experience that resonates with our guests. We focus on smaller groups and individuals rather than chasing to be the biggest company in the area. This gives us a chance to connect with each of our guests. This connection is important to our staff and makes our work meaningful.

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