Some of our most memorable trips are with families. Whether it’s young kids and parents or adult kids with parents or extended families together for a reunion, the joyful memories on the river make it all worth it for us.

Being on the river together is a great way to re-connect and step away from our day-to-day lives in a beautiful, healthy environment. For many, river trips make a lasting impression.

Both the Upper Clackamas and the Lower Clackamas work well for families. The Upper Clackamas is big and fast in the spring but more forgiving in the summer when weather is warmer and water levels are lower. The summer on the Upper Clackamas is more fun for many younger kids as they can play more and the rapids are fun but not intimidating. For a mix of adults and kids we can always arrange boats by the desired experience (wetter/more aggressive, less wet/ milder ride).

The Lower Clackamas River trip provides a gentle introduction to rafting for those wanting great scenery, fun small rapids and play.